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We hope you'll find the answer to most of your concerns and questions in the below FAQ. If you have any additional questions please reach out to us at

Do I have a plus one?

No, to keep our numbers from exceeding the venue's maximum, we ask that you do not bring a plus one unless your invitation explicitly states so.

Are children invited to

the wedding?

We have chosen to have an adult-only wedding so everyone (parents included) can have a great time! We will contact those families with infants to discuss certain exceptions.

What is the dress code?

Cocktail attire please! This generally means a suit or pants/jacket for men, and for women a cocktail dress or equivalent. Please note our ceremony will  be held outdoors on the lawn near the lake, so choose the appropriate footwear. If you have any questions about dress code please reach out to us at

I have a food allergy, can

I make a special request?

Absolutely! We know we've invited a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions. We ask that if you simply don't like something, please don't call it an allergy, so the caterer can properly prepare the meals for our many guests who do have allergies. For those of you with allergies or restrictions, please reach out to us at


We kindly ask that if you are not vaccinated or do not plan to get vaccinated, you do not attend our wedding in order to protect our more vulnerable guests. 

Is transportation

provided to the venue?

Updated Shuttle Information:


Marriott Lake Placid - 3:00pm

Golden Arrow - 3:10pm

High Peaks - 3:15pm

High Peaks (Shuttle 2) - 3:40pm

Post Reception (Stopping at all hotels):

First Shuttle - 10:00pm

Second Shuttle - 11:00pm


Can I book a longer


Of course! Many friends and family have spoken to us, expressing their wish to extend their stay in Lake Placid, and enjoy all the wonderful things this town has to offer. Unfortunately, the special block rates we've secured are not extended outside of the wedding weekend. If you intend on staying longer, we suggest calling the hotel to make sure you get the special rate for those dates that align with our wedding.

Uber or Taxi?

Unfortunately we cannot gurantee the amount of Ubers/Taxis that will be available over the weekend. While there are Uber's in the area, it is a popular wedding weekend so it will be more difficult to secure one than normal. Please keep this in mind when selecting your hotel.

If you have any additional questions please email us at 

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